Performing for you...
 Broi electric converted to glow power
Early pics of "Special K" now nearing completion Powered by a Kawasaki EngineSome of our Hanger in the begining.
Lucas waiting to take off New Years Day 2010. It was cold!!!!

Just add some skis throttle and up and away!
Above: Seagull Yak 54 powered by a RCS26CC gas engine, wingspan 63", Airtronics 2.4 - awesome! Shown top and Bottom views
Also shown Pica t-28 under restoration, air powered retractable lanfing gear, g-26 gas engine, Airtronics 2.4 electronics, wingspan 78", detailed cockpit, beautiful plane.
Top : Lucas with his p-40 Nitro Planes with Airtronics 2.4, OS .91 four Stroke engine- plane crashed into field- hitting a large hay round bale due to elevator eyelet failure during flight- currently being rebuilt.
Middle: Yellow Aircraft Sukhoi, Airtronics 2.4, Super Tiger 2300 engine
Bottim: Super Stick rebuilt after lost orientation during flight- hit so hard split engine in two at base of cylinder head- now has older os.65 engine for power, plane was shattered from Middle of wing forward- rebuilt and re-covered using monocoat.
Below some pics of Lucas at the Genseso airshow 2011 with a few pilots and their craft.
Under those a quick pic flying at the field
And a pic of our Sig Waco
Top Left: Our Hobbico 60 size trainer recovered in a military theme. Since sold plane.
Top Right: Lucas with our Ultr Stick 60 powered by an OS 91 Surpass.

Middle Left: Reamins of a club member mid air collision!
Middle Right: Lucas with his SuperStat 120 powered by a RCS 26CC Gas engine- nice plane!

Bottom Left: Rear view of Super Star
Bottom Right: Lucas Flying with Senior club member Bob Bushmire..... whos talking to who!!!!!!
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